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Ox - Chinese Horoscope


The Ox person is not happy with change and prefer conformity and convention. Ox people loves the traditional value of hardwork and a stable family life. The Ox person enjoy material things and they are more than prepared to work hard to acquire a lifestyle that suits them.  

Ox are generally calm and placid and rarely lose their temper. In the rare event that they lose their temper, it would be wise to keep clear as they are capable of fearsome rages and an Ox on a rampage is very dangerous.  

The Ox person is reliable, sincere and generally cool and patient. They are are neat, modest and seek solitude. They have few friends who are however very faithful to them.  

Ox love their food and drink and likes to stay in their luxurious home. Ox person are good listeners, are systematic and likes convention and tradition. They are also highly principled, strong, determined, stable, dependable and reliable.  

Ox person is reliable, fair and thinks carefully before speaking his mind, loyal and seldom jealous. Are not great conversationalist but are full of substance and interesting.  

Not romantic but can be passionate. They are family oriented and faithful.

Ox person is stubborn and difficult to change views and can be carried away with convention thus considered too rigid. Is domesticated and lacks humour.  

Oxs are not generous with money and naive about love and find that those close to them fail to understand them. Yet they are patient and caring and makes good friends.  

An Ox person tend to bear grudges for a long time. 


B Characteristics:-  B

Order of Animals


Hour ruled by Ox

2nd Hour, 1.00 am to 2.59 am


2nd Moon


1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985


End of Winter



Western Zodiac


Ruling Planet


Lucky Gemstone

White Onyx



Famous Personalities

Richard Nixon (Water-Ox), Bruce Sprinstein (Earth-Ox), Charlie Chaplin (Earth-Ox), Adolf Hitler (Earth-Ox), Vanessa Redgrave (Fire-Ox), Margaret Thatcher (Wood-Ox), Saddam Hussien (Fire-Ox), Whoopi Goldberg (Earth-Ox), Paloma PIcasso (Earth-Ox) 


Doctor, Lawyer, Teachers and Writers. Will accomplish much early or when they are old.


Male: Preferably someone younger, born in the year of the Snake.

Female: Younger Rooster

Excellent match :


Paring best avoided :


In some instances, be more understanding and tolerant :


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