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Follow-Up Feng Shui Consultation for Existing Client

Follow-Up Feng Shui Consultation for Existing Client

I am looking at a follow-up Feng Shui Audit

This a one visit follow-up review tailored to your specific needs:-


QUESTION: I had the pleasure of having your feng shui consultation when I first bought my house in 2006. Now I have a child and it has been about 3 years, I am thinking of having a follow up session to make sure that everything is ok.

I'm wondering how much will it cost for such a session? You don't seem to have a package to fit the description when I looked online. I already have the report for the recommended colour, layout, and ba-zi for myself and my husband.

My intention of the follow-up session is mainly:

1) To assess the suitability of the house for my child.

2) To determine if the current layout/placement of items in the house is alright.

3) To enhance the health/learning of my child.

4) To enhance the wealth of the household.

I hope I do not have to pay the full price of an audit again?

Answer: One visit Follow-up Feng Shui Audit is $288/- (Weekdays or weekdays evening. For weekends add additional $100/-)

Lead time is often one-week later after I have reviewed your new information e.g. a new born and your last Feng Shui information.

Annual Home Feng Shui Audit

One visit Annual Review Service is $288/- (Weekdays or weekdays evening. For weekends add additional $100/-)

Annual Office Feng Shui Audit

Please contact Master Cecil at (65) 9785-3171 for a quotation.


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