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FAQ: Daily Forecast

FAQ: Daily Forecast



Daily Forecast System is developed by Geomancy.Net with a specific use in mind. To help users forecast the daily changes in element influence.

Please note that we have intentionally left out the Heavenly Stem element of the forecast and some factors.

Heavenly & Earthly Branch Element Factor

Every Year, Month, Day, & Hour has two elements Heavenly Stem & Earthly Branch. Normally for most cases, the Heavenly Stem element is used. However, in this case we are focusing on the daily prediction  based on the Pillars of Destiny, plus Chinese Astrology concepts. Thus, the Earthly Branch is more useful and effective in determining the daily influence. Thus, we have ignored the Heavenly Stem element.

Time Zone Factor

If you use the calculated element from the this website, we have converted the calculation date and time to GMT +0800, Beijing, China time. This should be the most accurate way to determine the current element in your country.

Please note that using the GMT hour to add and remove the difference in hour is not accurate at all. Even if you take the location factor, that is not necessary the most accurate method. Feng Shui has been developed and created in China. Thus, we should take the time based on China time that as the most accurate.

Furthermore, by doing so, the hour of birth analysed by the system, should refect your current Chinese year, month, day, & hour fo your current country. Thus, no further conversion to your country time zone is necessary if you take the forecast reading directly from the website.

Personal Factor

The analysis of this forecast is limited to only the day element itself. As we do not compare it to an individual Pillars of Destiny Analysis of a person, it does not provide a full picture. This means we cannot take into account the Clashes of a person to the current time. Thus, we can only provide a general favourable and unfavourable element analysis.


Every element is broken down to weak and strong element. Take wood element for example.  A weak wood is like a thin plant. It can be cut by small knife. However, a strong wood is like an old oak tree. It takes a long time to even use a chain saw or an axe to cut down the tree.

Thus, in order to use this forecast analysis effectively, you need to know your true birth element. As least, you must know if you belong to which of the Five Element. You should also know if you are a weak or a strong element (eg. weak wood). This website provide you a free analysis of your element. This free report will treat your element as a weak element. It will not provide you the answer to whether you are a weak or a strong person. There is a slightly more detailed Pillars of Destiny which provides you with 40 years of luck period anlaysis found in the My FengShui system.

In order to determine if you are a weak or a strong element, you have to obtain the either the standard or premium Pillars of Destiny Report. All these reports will provide you immediate answers to your true birth element. They are all very comprehensive reports which analysis every possible combination of details to accurately determine your birth elements.

Year Element vs Day Element

Please note that although for most of the basic calculation of element found in books, uses only the year of your birth element. Take for example if you are born in the year 1966, thus you are a Fire horse.  However, this does not mean that you are a Fire horse. Every day has a different element. This means that you can be a water-fire horse, wood-fire horse etc. In fact your true element is determined by the day of birth element. This means that if you are determined to be a water-fire horse,  then your true element is a water element person.

This is based on the most accurate element determined by the Pillars of Destiny report. This report takes into account your Year, Month, Day and Hour. In a basic calculation, only the year of birth is used, thus you get a less accurate element. We have provided all users with a free finding your element report using the Pillars of Destiny theory.

Once you know your true daily birth element, you should ignore the yearly birth element.

How to use this report?

Simply check if the favourable element is of an element which is favourable to you. For example, if you are a weak wood and the favourable element is a weak wood person. It means that it is good for you.

However, one note is that no analysis has been done to the Clashes or combinations that may occur to an individual and the daily element. Thus, it is not 100% accurate at this point. To be more accurate, you can make use of the Auspicious Date for a Month for more details.  We have provided for all users some free credits to access the 1st 10 days of each month analysis. You can try it at My FengShui.

What can it be used for?

It can be used for finding a good day to move house, to find a job, to get married, to open your business etc. Any time which is favourable to you, will mean that you will be in a better luck period then normal. Otherwise, if it is not your favourable element, it will be an average day for you. If it is in your unfavaourable day, you should try to avoid doing anything important.

So visit our site to check out the daily influence if you are going to do anything important!

Remember: Knowledge is POWER!

© Robert Lee
Sunday, 18 Mar, 2001


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