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FAQ: Good House

FAQ: Finding a good house?

Are you looking for a new house?

If the answer is yes, then this report will help you tremedously to choose a good house which is Feng Shui friendly to the breadwinner of the house.

A house is one's most expensive investment in your lifetime. It is also very important as staying in a house which is not suitable for you, or is unfavourable will be bad for you and your family. So you would want to ensure that you find a good house for you and your family to get the best of our the house's earthly influence.

What this does this report do?

It uses the concept of the flying star theory to accomplish the finding of a good house.

It is very difficult and expensive to generate 24 different directions in a single period. Furthermore, it is difficult to analyse all the various details of a main door in relation to the breadwinner.

Ever encountered a situation where you spotted a house and while waiting for the house to be analysed for your suitabiliity, the house is sold before you can even make a deposit?

Well, for this case, we have created this report which gives you the details of a the main door facing which are good for you. For example, if you know 250, 300 degree facing house is an excellent house for you.

You can focus on hunting for a house which is 250 and 300 degree main door. This way it helps you narrow down to the choice of good houses which you can consider.

Then when you have narrowed down, you can generate a full flying star or do your own analysis of the surrounding for other Feng Shui factors.

This way you reduce the time and effort to finding the best house for you and your family.

So this is a must for anyone who is house hunting.

This report, uses all the analysis from Flying Star, Pillars of Destiny, Eight Characters of Birth and Eight House report to provide a detailed analysis.

Generate a free limited version of the report at My FengShui

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Sunday, 18 Mar, 2001

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